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"Dust to dust"

(vs. 1)
all of who i am
in this world
fighting from duel to duel
no way to win this war
the enemy unseeable
is not you or me
but only he
who strives to rip
the flesh from our skin
and i falter
world-weary and sin-soaked
my sword is too heavy
and i am not the warrior i claim to be
i am just tired and small
who am i, Lord?

lifeless clay
formed into mankind
in Your arms
still without breath
until You breathe
into me who You are
and now i am
i live
because of You
and though my life will end
my body will die
my breath will cease
it is not the end
dust to dust
all we are
but not who we will become...

(vs. 2)
beaten down
exhausted soldier
blood flowing freely
from all my gaping wounds
the wolf is winning
and i'm afraid
that i'll never be
the person i should be
still i feel the hope
trickling like lifeblood
through my veins
spreading fire
into the deadened parts of me...

so i will rise again
and fight the good fight
it's not like the movies
i stagger
breathless and hurting
i'm not a hero
but i'd like to be
take the weakness, Lord
breathe into this dust
Your strength
reigning through my weakness...

repeat chorus into fade

{dedicated to every slain warrior for God's Kingdom...though we do not represent strength as the world knows it...we are the willing ones...letting our weaknesses become His strength in our lives...Jesus we live and die for you...}

copyright elaine e. edwards 1/14/2004
this album has become so very personal to me...and though it was written early last year, it feels as alive to me now as it was then...

i've researched and 're-lived' these martyrs love and dedication to the only One worth dying for, and i've often felt as if it were me standing beside them...watching their bodies fall while their souls took flight...warriors for Abba til the end...

dearest Lord, though i've faced many battles of my own, i am grateful for Your Living Word and example of how to press on, to be what we were built for...the expression of who You are.

for You and You alone,

aflowerinbloom Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2005
"take the weakness, Lord
breathe into this dust"
:O breathtaking lyric! in fact all of it was,so pure and well written, great job on this one, I love the bit where your soul is wweary and doesn't want to go on, but then the strength comes back in, and you wan tto live again.. I know how that can be.. oh yes....
pudina7 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2005   Writer
thank you so much for taking the time to comment, i really appreciate it...and isn't it just the truth? many times we are bone-wearied and unable to even find hope for tomorrow...i praise Abba for His ever-present help in our times of trouble...:thanks:

God bless you, Melancholy...
aflowerinbloom Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2005
why thank you very much you did a good job, thats very kind of you to reply back nicely, ^_^
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January 5, 2005
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